According to a report by the “Scientific American”, looking at a 10-year period between 2001 and 2010, of the 58,299 train accidents that occurred, 54,889 (94 percent) were train derailments. The top three causes of those derailments were from broken rail/welds, track geometry and wheel bearing failure. According to the Australian Government, Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Australian Rail Safety Occurrence Data report 2012, over a 10-year period from 2002 to 2012 there were 1,521 derailments.

Imagine if there was an affordable sensor that can be attached to each rail vehicle wheel that would not only continuously monitor the condition of each wheel but also continuously monitor the track for issues, and when it detects a developing issue it would immediately identify and communicate with the driver and headquarters of the issue and its location. This would mean that every train would not only be monitoring itself but every train would be monitoring in real time the condition of the rail that it is travelling on. This would eliminate the vast majority of train derailments and well as the need to use expensive track monitoring equipment that has to either fit in with rail schedules or take up valuable rail time. Well, no need to dream any longer. Wheel Alert Technologies has the technology and knowledge to make this happen.

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The best way to avoid the consequences of a derailment is to be alerted before a wheel bearing seizes

The best way to avoid the consequences of a derailment is to be alerted before the track buckles