According to the NTI (National Transport Insurance) NTARC (National Tuck Accident Research Centre) Research, 2015 Major Accident Investigation Report, “Non-impact [not due to a crash] truck and trailer fires accounted for 1 in 10 major accident claims” and of these approximately 40% were due to wheel fires. This means that 1 in 25 major claim incidents are attributed directly to wheel fires. This does not even take into account the accidents that occurred from wheel end failures where a fire did not emulate, such as crashes caused by brake fade, bearing failure etc.

Truck safety is of utmost importance in the trucking industry however there is not a technology available in the world that can successfully communicate live data out of a deep-dish truck wheel, that is until now. Wheel Alert Technologies road sensor has been specifically designed to overcome the difficulties of deep-dish communication and to be affordable and easily retrofitted to the inside of each truck wheel. It uses near real time monitoring to check the condition of the complete wheel end (bearings, brakes and tyres) and alert the driver and headquarters immediately of a developing issue. This allows the truck to be immediately pulled over and the issue addressed before it has the chance to cause an incident, or even worse, fatalities.

Not only by using the sensor it will help to make our roads safer, it has the added benefit of increasing vehicle reliability and thus increasing company profit.

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The best way to avoid the consequences of brake fade is to be alerted before it overheats

The best way to avoid the consequences of a wheel fire is to be alerted before it gets too hot